We offer regular training events for our clients and those interested in creative IP aspects.

Expand your horizon and learn about everything from idea generation to asset management. We will show you what it takes. Browse our listing of upcoming training events and find what suits you best.

Online event

Intellectual Property 101

23rd June 2021
11:30am – 12:30pm

Host: Andy Caulfield

  • What are the differences between Patents, Trade marks and Design Registrations?
  • How do I know which one is right for me?
  • What if my idea has been done before?
  • Can I tell people about my idea?

Join us for our first webinar to learn about Intellectual Property and what you need to know about protecting your creative output.

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Online event

Mythbuster - dispelling the myth of IP and common misconceptions

21st July 2021

Host: Andy Caulfield

  • There’s no such thing as free IP, is there?
  • Patents and trade marks are expensive. Can I afford to protect my IP?
  • Should I file my IP as soon as possible?
  • You can’t patent software, so why does this apply to my business?
  • Even if I file a patent, how can I afford to defend it?

Join us for this webinar session to get your answers to these questions and bust some IP myths.

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Online event

Expertise - what to look for in a patent attorney

18th August 2021

Host: Andy Caulfield

  • Industry Expertise
  • Identifying types of IP
  • Scope of protection How to choose the right partner for you
  • Do I need an attorney who understands my industry sector?
  • How do I know that all the relevant IP has been identified?

Join us for our third webinar to learn about these questions and issues.

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