What is a Trade Mark?

A trade mark is a sign that identifies your goods and/or services and distinguishes your brand from competitors. Registered trade marks can be used to stop anyone else using the same or similar mark for the same or similar goods or services. For comprehensive coverage, your brand may require several trade marks protecting the names of various products or product lines, the company trading name and/or the company logos.

Why should I register a Trade Mark?

As with all property, registered trade marks can be assigned, sold, licensed, or franchised, and can provide a revenue stream. Trade marks are essential when it comes to brand recognition and protection. By investing in the relevant trade marks for your business, you can build significant value in your brand, increase your marketing capital, and prevent your competition from taking advantage of your brand and market share.

How will investing in a Trade Mark increase the value of my business?

A registered trade mark makes it significantly easier to take action against someone else using the same or similar marks for the same or similar goods or services. Furthermore, upon registration, your mark is placed on a publicly available searchable register, allowing third parties to check if you are maintaining the mark in force and therefore indicating your intention to use the mark and enforce it.

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