What are Patents?

Patents protect how things work. They are a form of intellectual property. Like any property, patents can be bought and sold and have a value.

By filing a patent for an idea, you are applying for an intellectual property right which establishes you as the owner of the idea.

Creation IP will guide you through the process of exploring, securing, and exploiting your ideas.

Find out more about intellectual property in our Knowledge Hub.

Why should I file a patent?

You have created and nurtured your idea; invested time, effort, and money to achieve your goal. It is now time to capitalise on your investment.

We understand the value of great ideas and the need to ensure you are the beneficiary of your output.

Building a trust-based relationship with Creation IP will provide you with the best opportunity to see a significant return on your investment.

Together, we can turn your ideas into assets.

How will investing in Patents increase the value of my Company?

As with any investment, a return is critical. By working with you from day one and adding value to your product or service, we can build a strong commercial relationship.

Like all assets, your patents have a value. Having the foresight to invest in patents, enhances your reputation in the business community. Investors will see you as a more viable investment and your company will become much more saleable, with protected intellectual property appearing on your balance sheet.

Partnering with Creation IP will help you realise a return on your investment.

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