Creation IP aim to provide a high-quality, high-value innovation support service from problem conception to product retirement.

We are involved with every stage of a product’s life.

  • From idea generation – the development of a product which satisfies a customer need);
  • Through innovation protection – turning the idea into an asset in fermenting the right Intellectual Property strategy);
  • To asset management – continuous review of your IP portfolio to ensure it is still an asset).

Idea Generation

Integrating your vision with our knowledge, to design market-focused products built on protectable foundations.

This is the most important part of the innovation process. Get the Intellectual Property right and you stand a chance of delivering a successful product to market. To get the right Intellectual Property you need to understand the problem the customer has, appreciate the customer’s expectations of the solution, and have access to world class product designers.

Using our Idea Capture Methodologies, with continual customer review and feedback, we help customers develop elegant and functional products for their customers and a suite of ideas for future improvements and future products.

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Innovation Protection

Once you have a product, you need a strategy to protect your products. This protection can come from Patents, Trade Marks and other well established Intellectual Property rights.

The protection can also come from licences and exclusive contracts which give you an exclusive or dominant position in the market. The IP strategy we develop with you will be focused on one thing … Turning Your Ideas Into Assets.

Patents and Trade Marks are not certificates to hang on your walls. They are business tools which have to earn their keep.  As long as they are relevant and adding value to your business then they are safe.  As soon as they start to cost the business money they should be axed.

Asset Management

Creation IP do not forget about your patents and trade marks once they have been granted and the certificates are hung on the wall.

We actively manage your portfolio of granted rights to ensure the rights you hold remain relevant to your business and deliver value for your business. From the formal stages of European Patent Validation to the ongoing cycle of patent renewals, Creation IP attorneys manage and review your portfolio.