About Us

Our Culture

It's not just our expertise but also our values and culture that make us stand out.


From helping clients turn their ideas into assets, to supporting colleagues be the best that they can be, Creating is the business of Creation IP. From our commitment to our clients, and our deal with our colleagues, we can identify the values we have as a company, and the behaviours the company’s staff and consultants will exhibit, to uphold the company’s values.

Our Vision

The vision of this passionate organisation is to be recognised worldwide as one of the best IP Attorney firms, and the best IP Attorney firm to work for in the United Kingdom. We will realise our vision by achieving our goals.

Our Goals

Our goal quite simply is to achieve high client and staff satisfaction with our service such that we have market leading client and staff retention. We want all our clients to recommend Creation IP as a provider and all our staff to recommend Creation IP as an employer.

Environmentally Friendly Innovation

Our Clients

For our company to achieve our goals we must deliver a first-class, high-quality, service which our clients value. We must understand the needs and ambitions of our clients’ businesses, and work to develop and implement an IP strategy to fulfil those needs and ambitions.

We must deliver a service which enables us to develop strong, long-lasting, trust-based relationships with our clients. For our clients, we are committed to:

  • acting with transparency, respect, integrity, and honesty;
  • endeavouring to exceed client expectations; and
  • positioning the clients’ interests at the centre of decision-making

Our Colleagues

Creation IP is committed to providing:
  • a working environment which is pleasant to work in, where people can speak freely and be heard, and which is flexible enough to cope with changing personal circumstances.
  • a fair reward, security, and the encouragement to make a financial provision for your future; and
  • the opportunity for everyone to learn new skills, achieve great things and have good fun.
In return, we expect our Colleagues to:
  • act with decency, respect and integrity towards each other and the company;
  • work diligently, and with transparency, to the best of their abilities;
  • and show loyalty to the company, and their Colleagues.
Each of us wants to make a unique contribution which is valued, and gain satisfaction from the work we do.

Our Values

At Creation IP we have embraced the following core values, which focus on the satisfaction of our clients, and the wellbeing of our colleagues. They are:

Respect, Integrity, Transparency, Diligence, and Loyalty.

Through our passion for the work of Creation IP, we intend to express these values in our work ethic, in our collaboration with each other and, in our relationships with our clients.


  • We value the role of each colleague at Creation IP, and the gifts that our individuality brings to the company.
  • We show respect through our mannerisms, our tone, and our demeanour.
  • We listen to and help others, responding to their needs.
  • We respect clients’ ideas, individually engaging with their IP.


  • We work as a team, to ensure that the best IP service is delivered to our clients.
  • We embrace a positive team culture, being open in all we do.
  • We follow IPREG codes of conduct, integral to our terms of business.
  • We build good relationships with clients, based on consistency in our service.


  • We value openness, reliable communication, and professional accountability.
  • We obtain relevant staff development, to meet the needs of Creation IP.
  • We act with consistency and openness in matters relating to costs.
  • We communicate all facts and possible outcomes to our clients.


  • We give our work at Creation IP our full commitment.
  • We are responsive and reactive, meeting deadlines so the whole team can function to the optimum.
  • We have a total commitment to accuracy in all aspects of our work, and create systems that support this.
  • We always look after our clients’ best interests.


  • We show our passion for Loyalty by following Creation IP’s values of Respect, Integrity, Transparency and Diligence.
  • We support each other to achieve the best we can for our clients and the company.
  • We maintain confidentiality in all we do.
  • We value and respect the work of our clients, and the work of our colleagues in the IP sector