Wellbeing and mental health in strange times

Look after you

This is very important. It means, of course, protecting a good diet, doing exercise, keeping in contact with people you care for, and restful sleep. You may be caring for others too, but don’t lose sight of YOU.

For many people, also doing something new – a new creative skill, learning something new such as singing, or exploring mindfulness, baking or returning to home cooking – is about making a virtue out of the necessity of staying at home. These things help us cope with the restrictions on us because through them we are taking more control of our lives.

However, as time goes on, maintaining positive activity can be hard work; and so, on occasion, you need to accept that today is a day off, and that is fine too.

If you find that protecting yourself is becoming more difficult, and you feel more worried than positive, there are sources of help out there. Talking to family and friends is a good start, but sometimes, it is easier talking to someone who does not know us.

Depending on what is on your mind, these might be useful links:

  1. First of all, check out if your employer has a scheme which provides for confidential support and people to talk with about health, financial or legal matters. It should be explained on the Company website, or in material sent out to you as an employee. An example is the Health Assured team, which many companies use.
  2. An alternative for legal and financial advice, is the Citizens Advice Bureau.
  3. Another website to look at is One You – Every Mind Matters – a NHS run website, which has an online quiz to help you explore your mood, and come up with an action plan that you can see online, and have emailed to you.
    Look for Get Your Mind Plan on the front page.
  4. The front page of One You – Every Mind Matters also has these links on Coronavirus and wellbeing:
    10 tips to help if you’re worried about coronavirus
    Looking after children and young people
    7 simple ideas to tackle working from home
    Mental wellbeing while staying at home
  5. This Scottish Government website, clearyourhead.scot, has tips on how to stay healthy and where to get help if you need it.

Taking action to make the change is important, it is never too late.
Keep well and stay safe.

This update by Alison Clark, HR Support at Creation IP, is a reflection on how to preserve your mental wellbeing while working from home, or working in a stressful environment where new rules such as social distancing apply. It is particularly important as this week we are in Mental Health Awareness week.


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