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What is Intellectual Property?

Intellectual property or IP is the product or output of your thinking process. By describing these outputs as property, we can understand them as tangible. Like any property, IP can be bought and sold and has a value. Intellectual property rights such as patents, trade marks and design rights are the protections you can put in place to establish your ownership of the idea.

Creation IP will guide you through the process of exploring, securing, and commercialising your ideas.

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Why should I protect my IP?

You have created and nurtured your idea; invested time, effort, and money to achieve your goal. It  is now time to capitalise on your investment. We understand the value of great ideas and the need to ensure you are the beneficiary of your output. Building a trust-based relationship with us will provide you with the best opportunity to see a significant return on your investment.

Together, we can turn your ideas into assets.

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Why should I choose Creation IP?

When it comes to IP protection, Creation IP’s reputation is second to none. Our European patent and trade mark attorneys are trusted by some of the world’s leading companies to provide Intellectual Property services. Our client base includes leaders in the software sector, the oil and gas industry, medical devices, and engineering. We are also recognised as leaders in the start-up and scale-up market. We understand how daunting it is for a young company to get their idea to market.

Our proactive approach to developing and protecting your intellectual assets leads to shared success.

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